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What is ViralVideoTube.Co?
ViralVideoTube is a web scraper coded to crawl and index online movie web sites. ViralVideoTube do not host or upload any videos or movies other than indexing them from the scraped web sites.
What are the requirements to play movies on ViralVideoTube ?
If you are on a PC/Mac/Linux, you will need the latest version of Chrome or FireFox. Other browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari are not fully tested. Optionally, you will need Adobe Flash Player.Note: Flash is only required on few other Server and if you are on a PC/Linux. Chrome is highly recommended as it already have a built in Flash Player. If you are on a ipad/iphone/android device, the default browser will work without any additional software installed.
The movies do not play on my iPhone/iPad ?
Our servers ( Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4 etc ) don’t require Adobe Flash Player to operate. These servers are specifically chosen on our website to allow playback on iPhone/iPad without any additional software. If you are still having problems, please contact us.
The movies do not play on my android device ?
You may need to download and install the Adobe Flash player. If you own an Android 4.x device, download it. If you own an Android 2.x/3.x device, download it.On Higher version Android all will work smoothly .
What devices do your movie player support?
Our player supports all devices which are HTML5 ready with or without Adobe Flash Player installed. This includes devices like iPhone, iPad, PS3, SmartTV, Android, PC, MAC, Linux and others.
The full screen button does not work. No changes to the screen after clicking the full screen button.
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, download and install Google Chrome as Internet Explorer is known to cause problems on our site.
How do I watch movies in HD?
If the movies are available in HD, you will be able to choose the quality of the movie. A HD icon will appear in our HTML5 player. For our flash player, a quality selector will appear instead.
I see Option 1/Option 2/Option 3/Option 4. Do you have any recommendations on which Option to use?
We recommend Option 1 as it is the fastest with no buffering issues. The downside is, the movies on this server got deleted very fast and thus the movies on this server is limited. Next, we recommend Option 4. This server is quite fast with no buffering issues. The downside is, movies on this server is limited as this server is newly discovered on the internet. Next, we recommend Option 3. This server is from europe. Depending on your location, you may have buffering issues. Lastly is Option 2. We always have buffering issues with this server. We highly advice to pause the player after clicking play to let the player buffers for a few minutes before clicking play again.
I cannot login to my account ?
Please make sure you used username (not email) to login. In case you forgot your password, get your new password via email.
Streaming speed is slow or all videos do not play.
– It works normally for almost all users so it’s your computer/browser/internet problem.
I got banned but I did not do anything wrong.
– Please make sure you are not using VPN/Proxy. After disabled VPN/Proxy, access ViralVideoTube again, if it still does not help, please report with your IP in banned message.
Does Viral Video Tube have any mobile apps?
– We do not have any apps, all apps on app store are impersonate/thief apps that get videos from us without permission.
I already turned off adblock but still cannot watch video ?
– Please turn off adblock extension as instruction. If you don’t know which browser extension that blocked ads, you can disable all browser extensions or use incognito mode. If it still does not work, please report HERE with full screenshot.
Can i download video & how ?
The download link is available with Netu /RapidVideo/Openload/MP/FB/Alpha mirrors . The link is right below video player.
Browser keeps loading when choosing episode or movie file ?

  1. Clear browser cache. 2. Open cmd and run this command :: =ipconfig /flushdns
    I have a question that is not listed here. If that is the case, please use our contact form and we will answer your queries promptly.

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